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Lifetime trailers are built to a strict quality standard

All of our new trailers are built using marine grade aluminum body

We manufacture Off Road Caravans, Camper, Builder trailers, also Ute Trays, Custom Canopies and much more. In most cases, custom camper trailers can be built in 2- 3 weeks.

All of our new camper trailers can have new wheels and tyres, jerry can holders, gas bottle holder, tailgate mounted kitchen, 65L water tank, swing up jockey wheel, and 500mm High sides on trailer.

Whether you are after an On road, Off road or custom camper trailer we can supply you with a fully guaranteed quality camper trailer that will give you years of trouble free service.


Quality Custom Trailers on the Sunshine Coast

Trailers can be some of the most useful parts of your time with a vehicle. If you've ever needed to move a significant amount of goods or materials from one location to another, you'll truly understand the utility of a well-built trailer.

Here at Lifetime Trailers, we have a wide range of trailers on the Sunshine Coast for a great variety of purposes, helping you to complete any job you could possibly need. Whether you’re looking for a camper trailer, a boat trailer or a box trailer, we can fulfil your trailer requirements.

Aluminium Trailers Range

Camper Trailers

As the name implies, camper trailers are suited to your outdoor lifestyle. You can use yours for your trips to the campsite. Our customisable trailers can be used for shelter, for cooking, for towing items that you’re bringing with you and for sleeping. We have a variety of sizes and styles to suit your needs.

Caged Trailers

Not only do we construct new caged trailers, but we can also add a cage to your existing trailer. A caged trailer is ideal for your towing needs and can be used for your job or for farming or run of the mill residential hauling. The great thing about this kind of trailer is that we can build it to your exact specifications.

Enclosed Trailers

If you want to haul items in an enclosed space, we can do that too. Our customised trailers are ideal for off road adventures in remote places. We can build your trailer the exact size you need it for your time spent out in the world. We can even add plumbing and electrical to your trailer and can do repairs and upgrades as well.

Boat Trailers

If you have a boat, you naturally need a way to transport it to and from the water and our boat trailers are the perfect solution. We use only aluminium so our boat trailers won’t rust and will last for a lifetime. We can install electrical, winches and jockey wheels for the maximum function from your boat trailer. They are lightweight and easy to operate as well.

Box Trailers

Our box trailers are durable and strong and can be made to meet your size specifications. We can also add features like a tipper so you can easily load and unload the trailer, either at home or at work.

We are here to help you decide among the selection of trailers on the Sunshine Coast which type is best for your needs so call Lifetime Trailers today to get a quote.

Quality trailers for all needs

Here at Lifetime Trailers, we don't just pride ourselves on the range of uses for our trailers, but the high build quality and value for money that we have on offer. By building trailers from the best materials available using the best building techniques around, we are able to provide some of the highest quality trailers on the market.

Not only are our trailers high-quality, but we offer a very competitive price point on all of our products. This means that you don't need to compromise on quality because of your budget.

Marine-grade aluminium

Marine-grade aluminium is the best material available for anyone looking for a trailer. This particular metal is designed to be highly corrosion-resistant, a feature which stems from its common use in boating.

Aluminium is a very flexible and versatile material. This means that trailers can be designed in a variety of ways, all of which are tweaked and adjusted to be perfect for any customer's specific usage. Where some trailers might not have the utility or longevity to get the job done, Lifetime Trailers are just like their namesake. They can go for a lifetime whilst staying in great condition.

Affordable Quality

In addition to providing some of the best trailer options on the market, here at Lifetime Trailers we're always looking to offer you a great deal for your future trailer. Our price estimator can allow you to put together the trailer of your dreams, by combining a basic trailer with as many optional upgrades as you like.

Whether these are adding sides to a flat decked trailer, body extras such as jerry cans and gas bottles, or added wheels to help keep your trailer more stable, we have a great range of options for you. From this, you can find out exactly what your dream trailer will cost, giving you a trailer that suits both your needs and your budget.

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What Our Clients Say About Our Trailers

Really happy with my trailer, it makes taking the bike out super easy!


Trailer FAQ Sunshine Coast

We get a lot of enquiries about our products, so we’ll answer the most common questions here. If, however, you’d like to discuss your specific needs or place an order with our team at Lifetime Trailers, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

What kinds of trailers do you offer?

Our range of custom-built trailers includes something for every occasion. Whether you need a camper, caravan, boat trailer, or something unique, we’ve got it covered. Options include:

If you need it, we can build it. Everyone has different requirements, and sometimes standard isn’t enough. Our custom engineered trailers are high quality, purpose-built, and designed with your specific needs in mind.

Which trailer is best for me?

Everyone’s lifestyle is different, and the ideal trailer for one person may not suit another. The best trailer for you is one that meets the demands of your unique situation. Ask yourself, what do I need in a trailer?

Our range has something for everyone, and, for those with particular requirements, we’ll custom engineer the perfect solution. Check out our selection of top quality products to find the perfect fit. If you require assistance, our experienced team can discuss your options and ensure we match you with the right trailer. Give us a call on 07 5443 4655 or contact us online to find the perfect match.

How do I order a trailer?

Ordering is simple, and we can assist you through every step of the process. From choosing a trailer type to deciding on final customisations, our team at Lifetime Trailers is here to help.

We’re ready to take your order. Contact us to discuss your needs, design the perfect trailer, and receive a final quote. Once you’ve decided on the end product, our expert engineers will get to work designing and manufacturing your custom trailer.

How much do your trailers cost?

Our online price estimator is ideal for understanding the overall cost and customisation options available. Use the estimator to build the trailer that caters to your specific needs, and the price generator will provide you with an estimate of the end price.

Cost varies depending on the trailer type, size, and customisations. We aim to keep prices low while providing the highest quality trailers, engineered to perfection. Superior products can still be affordable, and we can design a trailer to suit your budget. Additionally, Finance is available to eligible customers.

Why choose Rod’s Engineering and Lifetime Trailers?

Rod’s Engineering has expert knowledge on its side. With decades of experience designing and building custom products, our engineers are the Sunshine Coast’s top-tier fabricators. We take pride in our work and engineer everything to perfection.

Precision, innovation, and fine workmanship are what we do, and our engineers always strive to create something exceptional. Get in touch with our team at Rod’s Engineering and Lifetime Trailers on 07 5443 4655 or contact us online to discuss your ideal creation.

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