On construction projects, time and money are of the essence. Keeping budgets and time management in mind, being able to work efficiently as possible is also key. This entails finding solutions that help workers operate smoothly, quickly and with minimal hassle.

Builders trailers can be really effective in construction projects as a piece of equipment that helps promote all of the above. Contact us today for a custom made builders trailer on the Sunshine Coast.


  • Builders trailers are steel or aluminium trailers that are built with the purpose of storing goods.
  • They are incredibly heavy-weight, making them suitable to hold bulky items, like the kind you find in construction.
  • Builders trailers attach onto the back of a vehicle, so they can be easily transported around from site to site or back and forth from a location during working hours.
  • This portable storage equipment is available in a variety of sizes, which we at Lifetime Trailers can custom-build to suit you and your requirements.


When working in the construction industry, there’s a lot of resources and materials required for every job. Keeping all the resources you need in one place, as well as being able to easily manoeuvre them, can be a bit of a pain sometimes. Builders trailers help to make your life that bit easier.

Builder trailers offer:

  • Flexibility in your work as a portable solution to store work tools and other equipment.
  • The ability to easily move these trailers around the site you are working on, or to another site completely for a new job.
  • Saving money  and time on having to travel to and hire out storage space.
  • Safety, since you can keep all of your trade equipment in a secure place where it can be monitored frequently. This helps to prevent the theft of expensive equipment.
  • A haven of safety for workers as a place to take some shelter from the Aussie sun for 5 minutes.


Are builders trailers environmentally friendly?

Builders trailers are considered a more environmentally friendly storage option than temporary buildings because they can be used in multiple jobs. They aren’t disassembled and thrown away after a job is finished, unlike temporary buildings.

I need a specific size to store my construction materials, can I be sure they will fit in a builders trailer?

At Lifetime Trailers, we can discuss your requirements with you to build a trailer that is the correct size for everything you need to store.

How much do builders trailers cost?

The price will vary depending on the size and design of the trailer that you require.

Request a custom-built trailer on the Sunshine Coast!

If you and your company could benefit from the convenience and versatility of a builders trailer, then contact us today to discuss your specific storage requirements.

Here are just some of our custom builder trailers: