High Quality Custom Caravans

Like many seasoned road-tripping and camping enthusiasts, you know exactly what you want in a caravan. The caravan you are looking for is not readily available off the shelf.

This is why Rod’s Engineering and Lifetime Trailers offers true customisation, where the caravan can be built according to your specifications, not those of the manufacturer. We are one of Australia’s leading caravan manufacturers, and we enjoy designing custom caravans and enclosed trailers.

Whether you want the interior to look like a log cabin or a luxury apartment, you can choose from one of Australia’s premier designers’ colour palettes. The exterior of the trailer can match the colour of your tow vehicle, so everything looks like it came from the same factory.

Then comes the fun part, fitting out all of the accessories and luxury items you want in your trailer. There is almost no limit except for your imagination.

Custom Enclosed Trailers

In some cases, standard options may not meet your needs, making searching for the perfect trailer off the showroom floor a waste of time. There may be several problems with these vehicles, such as being too small, too spacious, or not being able to carry heavy loads. You could end up with damage to your cargo and trailer if you settle for the default options.

The benefit of customising an enclosed trailer to fit your exact specifications is that it comes with additional benefits over time, such as increased efficiency, greater payload capacity, added security for your valuables, can be branded and can even be customised to meet your needs if you need to transport animals.

Why Choose Us for Your Custom Caravan or Enclosed Trailer?

Rod’s Engineering and Lifetime Trailers on the Sunshine Coast is proud of its reputation for quality that comes from years of experience in the marketplace, and from the honesty of the relationships we’ve built with our customers – many of whom return to us time and time again.

We specialise in selling custom caravans so you get to choose all the details and be involved in every step of the construction process, from the original specs to the interior detailing and luxury touches, all the way to the final inspection once it’s on the road. You can also modify an existing caravan to suit your needs.

As our name suggests, we always aim to deliver custom caravan and trailer solutions that will impress you so much, you won’t want to turn to anyone else for your caravan customisation needs – for life.

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Looking for more information about our trailer and accessory range? Look no further. Explore our catalogue of products and services online and get the inside scoop on the trailers currently available for purchase. Please contact us if you’d like to learn more about our brand, as well as our customisation services, so we can give you the best advice possible.

Give us a call on (07) 5443 4655, email us at sales@lifetimetrailers.com.au or drop into our showroom at 603 Bli Bli Rd at Bli Bli.


All of our caravans and enclosed trailers have been fully customised to suit our clients needs. We can also build truly off-road caravans which will allow you to access off-road and remote locations. Aluminium will give your caravan superior durability under Australian conditions.

We offer a full service including plumbing and electrical and are also able to complete repairs and rebuilds.